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The creation of Lord Korovin

Korovin is significant not only as a Seeker of Arkhtide but also as the first Seeker ever conceived. Here's how we created him.

Lord Korovin is not just an iconic and crucial character in our world because he is one of Arkhtide’s Seekers, but because he was the very first Seeker ever conceived for the game. He existed even before the game’s name was decided or the lore was developed. From the early versions of the game, Korovin was one of the most significant figures, and this was no accident. But why?

The early days of Korovin

Lord Korovin is not only a true survivor on the battlefield but also in the years of lore creation. Alongside the early evolutions and narrative roles of Sky and Scarlet, he is the only character who existed even when Brightlance Publishing was still in its infancy. This is mainly due to his mechanical and thematic role. András always wanted a vampire-themed faction led by a grim edgelord—as we used to call him back then. His role was to define the limits of the game’s mechanics. He is the hardest to kill and hits the hardest. This was a crucial element, providing a baseline for all mechanics, damage, and health measures. Thanks to this, neither his concept nor his name ever disappeared. We are immensely grateful to him for helping us navigate the labyrinth of development. As a token of our gratitude, it was only fitting that he received one of the most important narrative roles in the game, making him the first Seeker we ever created.

Visual Design

From the beginning, we envisioned him as a cold yet powerful character, shaped by a bloody past and a lifespan far beyond human memory. We knew we wanted something truly cool, but in the early stages, we didn’t have a clear direction. This was crucial since he would define the entire visual style of the Bastion roster. Initially, we took a demonic approach, with living armor fused to Korovin’s flesh. This concept gave us a thinner, less dominant-looking warrior. While we liked the basic imagery, we felt it would be challenging to continue in this direction, as he wouldn’t stand out among the others and might become less interesting over time compared to later artwork.

Then came the idea and opportunity to work with Dat, whose help allowed us to envision a completely different type of character – one clad in realistic knightly armor, robust and much more dominant. We were completely captivated by this direction. “It’s clear,” we said to each other, pointing at the picture, “he is much stronger than a human, so why not wear heavy armor that makes the ground tremble as he walks? Moreover, let him wield a massive sword that no one else could lift. If anyone, he is the one we can imagine towering over the terrified Roseborne city guards, slicing the first in half with a single terrifyingly powerful blow, his blade only stopping at the second’s spine. Cool! I mean… terrible…”

Gameplay Impact

From the test games, Korovin’s presence, mechanics, and intimidating power on the field were evident. Everyone knew that if Korovin was placed in an area, the opponent would definitely avoid placing their Seeker there. If the opponent went first, they would place their leader in a weaker area, knowing that Korovin would take the most valuable Realm. We loved how players instinctively adopted the atmosphere we envisioned, instinctively fearing this brutal and ruthless knight.

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