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In 279 EoC, Cecilia Roseborn, the eldest daughter of Uveos Roseborne II, clandestinely founded the Justicae organization amid suspicions of a nobility plot against her father’s life. Initially a covert society, Justicae’s pivotal role in thwarting an assassination and exposing a conspiracy against the king elevated it to an official internal security force. Its early ranks were filled by a mix of constables, detectives, and city watchmen, operating from the shadows despite being an open secret.

Over a century later, by 361 EoC, Justicae shifted focus towards combating the Fallen – beings transformed by the world’s corrupting Arkhé into near-impossible adversaries for the untrained. In response, Justicae began to recruit and rigorously train the destitute and street children, who would emerge as Justicars, adept in warfare, investigation, and scholarship. They mastered the art of identifying those on the brink of transformation, tracking and capturing the monstrous embodiments of dense Arkhé.

Protectors of the Roseborne Empire

The Justicars, shrouded in legend, emerged as protectors against the Corruption’s threats, earning the people’s adoration and solidifying Justicae’s influence. In recognition, Dhaniel Roseborne granted the organization the Blue Fortress and vested its leader with baronial authority, cementing a formidable alliance.

A turning point arrived in 491 EoC with Ivory, a man from the eastern Heavenly Sect, who shared knowledge from a mysterious mentor on reinventing Borne runes to subdue the Fallen. With Ivory’s guidance, Justicae’s craftsmen perfected the Borne cuffs and spikes, enabling Justicars to dominate and command the Fallen, heralding a transformative era for Justicae and its crusade against the shadows.

“… As I stood witness to the ritual, disbelief clouded my senses. Before me unfolded a ceremony of both darkness and necessity, a harrowing process aimed at harnessing a sinister force for the semblance of good. The procedure was fraught with a grim ambiguity that left me torn. Shackles, etched with ancient runes, ensnared the essence of a being tainted by Arkhé, intertwining the remnants of its magic and soul. This essence, once separated from the corporeal form, led the creature’s body to wither in excruciating, gradual decay – a sight mirroring the plight of those touched by Corruption, who over years, watched their limbs succumb to oblivion.
The blacksmith, a figure of resilience and determination, was steeled for the gravest outcomes, aware that should the Fallen break free, survival would be a fleeting hope. Encircled by Justicars and archmages, a protective cordon was formed, ensuring the ritual’s unerring course. I remember the involuntary shudder that coursed through me as the nails were driven into the enchanted collar bound to the Fallen. Watching the creature’s final, writhing moments before disintegration, the man beside me, clad in a weathered, blue stormcoat, muttered under his breath, “This is no human, devoid of pain, soulless.” Whether he sought to convince me or reassure himself, the truth of his words lingered, unresolved.
Yet, the true revelation lay beyond this grim tableau. Magicians meticulously prepared a Justicar, his upper body bared, adorned with runes of protection. The blacksmith, having reclaimed the collar and nails from the ashes of the Fallen, fused them within a rune-laden crucible, crafting a singular, blue-glowing nail – a beacon of strength for those chosen. These Justicars, forged in resilience and dedication, had embraced this destiny willingly, trained for the trials ahead. As realization dawned upon me, a heavy silence enveloped my thoughts, anticipation and dread mingling within.
Approaching the chosen Justicar, now prone and encircled by magicians, the blacksmith acted with deliberate swiftness, placing the nail upon the man’s chest. With a resonant strike, the Justicar’s stoic groan melded with the glow of the enchanted nail, his eyes alight with newfound power. The blacksmith’s gaze met mine, his words cutting through the silence, “With this moment, witness the enemy tremble as this warrior summons his Fallen, bending it to his will.” …”

Justicae Eternal

In the wake of the Roseborne Empire’s collapse – a demise many lay at the feet of the Justicae for their role in eliminating the monarchy and aristocracy – the Roseborne Justicae persisted as the sole entity steadfast in its allegiance to the fallen empire. Clinging to the empire’s old ways, they preserved its customs, traditions, ceremonies, and hierarchical structures, all the while holding onto the belief that Sky would one day return to reunite and rejuvenate the fractured continent. In this interim, the guardians of the Blue Fortress found themselves burdened with manifold responsibilities. It fell upon them to secure every shred of Pure Arkhé, seeing themselves as the last bastions of the empire’s legacy. Amid the looming threats of the Fallen, scarcities of essential resources, the dwindling human lifespans, and the savage battles for control of Arkhtides, Emery Kreuz, the Justicae’s newly appointed leader, shifted focus towards a rising menace: the Scarlet Legacy. They were indicted for the empire’s downfall, branded as the ultimate adversaries of mankind, necessitating retribution.

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