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Seek the Arkhtide!

Welcome Seekers!

Arkhtide unfolds in a post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy universe, where the once-thriving civilization of Réa has been abandoned and left to decay by its Creator. Centuries have passed since this calamity, yet humanity endures, barely clinging to existence. The key to a semblance of better life now lies in the Arkhtides—mystical phenomena that are fiercely contested by the world’s remaining powers. Players step into the shoes of a Seeker, leading a devoted party on a quest to claim these Arkhtides and extract the invaluable Pure Arkhé.

Arkhtide is a tactical skirmish card game that demands cunning and strategy. As a Seeker, players will navigate a chosen group of elites, alongside summonable creatures, wield special and magical powers, and an arsenal of equipment in pursuit of triumph. Success in the game revolves around capturing and maintaining control over distorted projections of the world called Realms or decisively defeating the opponent’s Seeker by crushing their Willpower. Players are constantly engaged in strategic decision-making, from deploying and maneuvering their forces across dynamically changing Realms, balancing offense, defense, and timing. Arkhtide offers deep deck-building opportunities and requires strategic planning and adaptability, with matches that unfold over two to four rounds and last between thirty to fifty minutes, providing a deep and engaging gameplay experience.

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Postapocalyptic, dark fantasy setting
Engaging and tactical skirmish mechanics
Deep lore with engaging and evolving world narrative
International releases
Four factions, each with one sub-faction at release
Long lifespan. Three new releases per year
Deep deckbuilding capabilities
Worldwide organized play and Events

Latest News

Our First Event

We participated in our first event with Arkhtide, where our test tables were running at maximum capacity almost all day.

Our Latest Artworks

Gregory Brandmayr

Thalie ‘la Rouge

Heavenly Sect

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Heavenly Sect

Yan Minggui

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