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Scarlet Legacy

Written by K.T., inspired by tales recounted by Scarlet, the founder of the Scarlet Legacy

After her confrontation with Sky at the summit of Highcastle in EoC 97, Scarlet was compelled to flee. Her escape wasn’t simple; she was doggedly pursued by Argos Roseborne, a mere mortal yet a disciple of Sky, who wielded his master’s formidable weapon, Kaelum – one of the deadliest swords in Réa’s history. Scarlet fled northwest, beyond reach of the Inner Circle, to the base of the Mournful Mountain. This location was her only refuge, holding the knowledge she had once tried to share with her brother.


The mountain harbored a then-secretive group known as the Sanctuary. Its elderly founder, Pater Julianus, had established it, claiming to follow the directives of the true rulers of the world, the Arkhons. Julianus was the one who had first enlightened Scarlet about the existence of the Arkhons and was now providing her sanctuary again. Scarlet spent many months within this enigmatic group, learning their histories, ways of life, and beliefs. The only area off-limits to her was the upper sanctuary-city, supposedly where one could converse directly with the Arkhons. Despite Julianus’s multiple attempts to persuade her to join their community, Scarlet remained unswayed. She was adamant in her resolve not to serve any man or god, focused solely on unraveling the world’s enigmas, and freeing it from the clutches of Corruption.

As time unfolded, Scarlet’s unease deepened. During her explorations, she unearthed that the Sanctuary’s inhabitants, while professing similar goals as herself, were grossly misled and exploited by the Arkhons who ruled over them. Scarlet’s clandestine observations revealed that the Sanctuary not only preached that magic was the root of the world’s Corruption but also actively rounded up magicians, sacrificing them to the Arkhons in grim rituals. This revelation shattered her; the conflict with her brother Sky was grounded in deception. It dawned on her that the Arkhons were greedily siphoning the Pure Arkhé from human souls, progressively ravaging the world. She foresaw a grim future where an empowered Sanctuary could devastate Réa, with the Arkhons devouring all Pure Arkhé, heralding the end of the world. She resolved that the Arkhons must be destroyed.

On the other hand, Scarlet was captivated by the formidable powers the Arkhons bestowed upon their followers. These powers were essential for her plans, as she believed only divine forces could vanquish other deities. She meticulously crafted a plan to subdue an Arkhon.

Capturing an Arkhon

During this time, she became acquainted with Lord Dragos Korovin, a high-ranking initiate of the Sanctuary. Formerly the baron of Kolosvar, the easternmost city of the Roseborne Empire, Korovin had been gravely wounded by a Fallen during a hunt but was saved by a priest from the nearby Sanctuary. In gratitude, he generously contributed to the Sanctuary and, along with his eldest son, Raziel, joined their ranks. While the son remained in the lower sanctuary-city, Dragos Korovin served the Arkhons in the upper city. Over time, Scarlet built a trusted relationship with Dragos who proposed a deal to her: he would facilitate her entry into the upper sanctuary city and aid in capturing an Arkhon, but in exchange, she must help his son escape from the Sanctuary and take care of him.

As the designated night arrived, it descended into carnage at the Sanctuary. Scarlet and the Raziel Korovin orchestrated a deadly incursion into the upper sanctum city, provoking an Arkhon into manifesting physically to avenge the heinous acts inflicted upon its followers. This moment was precisely what the trio had carefully planned. Anthalon, the Arkhon of blood and life, seized control of the already initiated Dragos Korovin’s body to enact retribution in the guise of the father against his rebellious and treacherous son. Yet, Dragos’ body had by this time been transformed into the world’s most secure prison, encased entirely in the Borne rune system that Scarlet had rediscovered and refined from her extensive studies. The Arkhon was ensnared, utterly without means of escape.

Founding the Bastion

After escaping from the Sanctuary, Scarlet and the Korovins endured weeks of arduous journey until they reached the remote northeastern fringes of the Réa continent. By the time they arrived, Dragos’s body and mind were nearly shattered under the oppressive force of the Arkhon’s power. Nevertheless, the elder Korovin recognized the enormity of their task. This was the ultimate sacrifice he was prepared to make for his son and for the future of humanity. There, among the ruins of a forgotten age, stood an ancient temple-fortress known locally as the Dungeon of Iasa, where Scarlet crafted a fortified chamber, intended as the final bastion for Dragos Korovin, who was now completely possessed and reshaped by Anthalon.

In the aftermath, Scarlet withdrew into solitude for nearly a year, dedicated to developing a technique to siphon and harness the Arkhon’s power. During this period, Korovin returned to Kolosvar, rallying every loyal knight and follower before returning to the Dungeon of Iasa. They fortified and renamed the site Bastion, establishing it as the last bastion that would campaign for humanity’s genuine liberation.

Emerging from her seclusion, Scarlet found herself before a military force as robust as any Roseborne city, marshaled by the young Lord Korovin. Assured in her selection, she acknowledged Korovin’s intelligence, loyalty, determination, and martial prowess. Comforted by the fact that her plans were now firmly supported by the young knight, Scarlet resolved to journey forth and gather more allies to conquer the Arkhons. However, she had one final lesson to impart to her apprentice on how to master the powers of the Arkhons.

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