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Emery Kreuz: The High Justicar

Emery Kreuz, officially the most hated and feared figure in the Roseborne Empire - almost demonized - spent her entire life in the field.

Emery Kreuz

In the City of Flags, the Justicae organization is hailed as humanity’s bulwark, with the justicars celebrated as heroes and the Fallen they capture tolerated as necessary evils. However, this is an isolated case. Throughout the territories of the former Roseborne Empire, now fragmented into city-states, the Justicae is barely allowed, feared, and loathed. People live in terror of them, as justicars can apprehend and take away anyone who is close to becoming a Fallen—or even those merely accused by others. The nobility despises the entire organization, blaming them for the empire’s downfall. As a result, Emery Kreuz and her justicars have been forced into the shadows. They must sneak into cities anonymously and without expecting any help from the locals. Indeed, many of their members have ended up imprisoned or killed by local city guards. Consequently, Emery reshaped the organization. Once-glorified heroes now work as hooded and cloaked specters, hiding from the authorities while risking their lives daily to protect humanity. Without them and their efforts, not only would the remnants of the empire crumble, but the entire continent would fall to the attacks of the fallen and monsters within months.

The Background

Emery Kreuz, officially the most hated and feared figure in the Roseborne Empire – almost demonized – spent her entire life in the field. Born in EoC 650, her mother was a teacher at the local school, and her father led the workers maintaining the Blue Fortress walls. In 655, a rogue fallen killed her mother, prompting her father to join the justicars and dedicate his life to hunting the monster. His vengeance campaign proved to be neither long nor successful; he disappeared on a mission barely a year after joining. Emery was left alone, and although the Justicae tried to take her in and train her, she left the city. She spent the next seven years among highwaymen and bandits, killing and robbing travelers, workers, and guards. By 663, at the age of 13, Emery was the leader and best killer of a gang of young outlaws, despite the Corruption having already taken her right arm.

In EoC 663, the Justicae, investigating a major case involving people collectively turning into fallen, arrived at the Braile iron mines, which served as Emery’s hideout. Seeking equipment and food, Emery ordered her gang to kill the justicars. The mission went disastrously wrong, leaving only three survivors: Emery and her two best fighters, Thalie and Gregory. The fallen, who the justicars were investigating, attacked them at that moment. The two groups managed to escape after a bloody and lengthy battle, thanks largely to Emery’s abilities, having realized her Seeker nature and powers. After the battle, the justicars’ leader, Allarus Venator, took the three young survivors under his wing. From that point on, Emery dedicated her entire life to the Justicae’s goals, seeking redemption for her past.

Barely two years later, during the Bloodpurge, Emery significantly contributed to the Justicae’s success, using a hidden Arkhtide gate to get the justicars into the Roseborne Empire’s throne room. Over the next three days, Emery, Gregory, and Thalie dismantled six blood cults in various cities. Although the operation was successful, the empire suffered greatly, and despite Allarus’s efforts to keep the remnants together with fire and steel, everyone on the surface saw it as a Justicae coup. The blood cults’ machinations ultimately triumphed, causing the city-states to secede from the empire, demanding the downfall of Allarus and the Justicae. Knowing he had no way back, Allarus publicly apologized on behalf of the Justicae and then faced the death penalty for traitors at Emery’s hands.

Although Emery was broken by Allarus’s loss, she followed her master’s orders to the letter. She took over the Justicae leadership, retreated to the City of Flags, and prepared for the worst – an attack by the united city-states. However, that attack never came. Allarus’s speech and public execution calmed the situation enough that no city-state was willing to bear the financial burden of such an effort.

The Present

From that point on, Emery and the Justicae became unwelcome throughout the former empire. Yet, this did not set them back. Upholding all the laws and customs of the Roseborne Empire and preparing for its eventual restoration, they continued their work. Unbeknownst to the remnants of the empire, they needed the justicars more than ever. Emery never gave up hope that things would turn for the better. They just had to hold on…

Hunt Down Your Foes with Emery and Her Fearless Justicars

If leading a tactically proficient hunter team appeals to you, Emery and the Justicae are the perfect choice. The feared justicars and their leader can turn the tide of any losing battle in moments, destroying even the most prepared enemies with surprise tactics. The equipment and captured fallen supporting them perfectly complement any strategy you bring to the field.

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