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Lord Korovin: The King in Scarlet

Lord Korovin is not just any Seeker; he is the supreme commander, capable of leading the Blood Knights of Bastion to glorious victories.

Lord Korovin

Raziel Korovin is arguably the most formidable and awe-inspiring warrior in the mystical world of Réa. Beyond being a masterful fighter, Korovin’s abilities transcend mortal limits, forged by countless battles that have shaped him into a figure even death dares not challenge. He embodies the ideal of the armored knight, unyielding and indomitable on the battlefield. His immense strength allows him to dismantle the most formidable defenses, leaving his adversaries powerless before his might. However, it is the potent magic coursing through his veins that truly sets him apart from all other warriors. Lord Korovin is not just any Seeker; he is the supreme commander, capable of leading the Blood Knights of Bastion to glorious victories.

Yet, beneath the imposing armor and legendary name lies a profound mystery: Who truly is Lord Raziel Korovin? And what journey transformed him into the legend he is today?

The Past

The lineage of the Korovin family stretches back to the beginning of recorded history, to EoC 1. While no one knows who they were before that, perhaps it doesn’t matter. When Sky gathered the people and founded Highcastle, the Korovins were already deep into restoring an ancient ruin city in the east. The relics they found suggested the name Kolosvár, so they adopted it. This newly built city stood among towering mountains and vast, dark forests, marking the easternmost civilized outpost of human-inhabited lands. To survive in such a perilous place, beset by monstrous lairs and human cruelty, they needed strict laws, powerful leaders, and reliable, tough warriors. Thus, a local knightly culture emerged, emphasizing bravery, unity, perseverance, protection of the weak, and unwavering adherence to rules.

Young Raziel was raised in this environment, wielding a sword from a tender age. By twelve, his father had already taken him into the field as his squire, where the boy learned survival, combat, and camaraderie amid blood and mud. Lord Dragos Korovin, his father, expected the best and the most from him, aiming to shape him into a leader from the start. Raziel had to make decisions about the fate of defeated men as a child, learning the difference between murder and preemptive security. He had to discern when mercy was warranted and when he needed to set an example with his own hands. These decisions hardened his character and shaped how others perceived him. Doubt and disobedience were foreign to him, as such acts were severely punished in Kolosvár culture, and the knightly code forbade questioning superiors. This also eased his burden, as he could make decisions based on the knightly code. People admired him from a young age, as Raziel did not break under the weight but excelled.

Later, Raziel joined the Sanctuary Brotherhood as a repayment of his father’s debt, starting as a simple servant in the lower town. He didn’t stay long, as his father’s and Scarlet’s conspiracy dragged him into the temples of the Arkhons, making him a fugitive. This marked the beginning of Raziel’s true life in service of Scarlet. During the long journey from the northeastern Mournful Mountains to the northwestern edge of the continent, Korovin listened to Scarlet’s stories every night. The enigmatic, cold, and inscrutable woman spoke of ancient glorious worlds, vast human empires, and the world’s downfall orchestrated by malevolent beings of unimaginable power, known as Arkhons. These fallen deities sought to control and consume the world, aiming to reclaim their former power by absorbing the Pure Arkhe from human souls. They deceived, whispered lies, and with the help of their fanatic followers, gathered and devoured all significant magic users. These tales, Scarlet’s charisma, and the fact that his father, a revered hero, was willing to sacrifice his life for this cause, deeply impacted Raziel. He felt his goals merging with hers with each passing night of the journey.

During the journey, Raziel not only discovered the true purpose of his future but also witnessed his father’s agonizing death. Day by day, he grappled with the reality by the campfires that the once laughing man at the start of their journey grew quieter and more withdrawn, spending the final days unconscious on his horse or tied to a tree by the evening fire. By the time they reached their destination, little remained of Dragos Korovin. His features, body, eyes, and voice all began to change, taking on the traits of Anthalon, the Arkhon. Raziel suffered from this loss, but thanks to Scarlet’s stories, he understood that what his father did was a great sacrifice for the future. He swore the strictest knightly oath in the name of his entire lineage that he would not let it go to waste.

The Present

In the year EoC 671, the Raziel from Kolosvár is long gone. In his place stands Lord Korovin, executing cold, logical steps with precision. The centuries he has lived through and slept through, combined with the dark blood of the Arkhon, have broken and distorted his human nature. His vow and unwavering purpose remain, driving him to eradicate the Arkhons and liberate humanity, to shatter the Corruption. Yet, the veneer of his personality has crumbled. Lord Korovin, the blade of Scarlet’s ambitions, known to many as the King in Scarlet, is a formidable force of nature. He shows no fear or mercy, no pity or warmth; he simply takes what he needs for his goal, trampling over anything in his way or anything that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Supporting him in this relentless quest are the Blood Knights of Bastion, who are as loyal as they are necessary due to the Arkhon blood coursing through them. Korovin and his Bastion are a significant power on Réa’s map, not in numbers but in strength. They fight for the ultimate goal in every Arkhtide that appears.

Lead the Blood Knights of the Scarlet legacy, with Korovin at the helm!

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