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Welcome to the summary and overview page of the world of Arkhtide. We hope you find what you’re looking for here, and that the knowledge you gain helps you in your battles within the Arkhtide to gather as much Pure Arkhé as possible!

The World of Réa

The world of Réa, separated from the divine cycle, is condemned to suffer and struggle for survival. In the approaching darkness of demise, the only light and hope come from the Arkhtides and the Seekers capable of harvesting them…

Roseborne Empire

The once glorious empire has now become a confederation of city-states, constantly bickering among themselves. On the surface, they still unite against the threats of Corruption and the Fallens, but within the Arkhtides, they are each other’s enemies.

Inspired by 18th-century European cultures and the visual styles of Bloodborne and Dishonored, the empire we created embodies the purest struggles and principles of humanity: survival, creativity, and ongoing power conflicts. The people of the Roseborne Empire uphold noble values on the surface, yet beneath these layers, they employ deceitful and cunning tactics—all for the greater good. Although their empire no longer exists, the technological advancement of the city-states still places them ahead of other civilizations in the world of Réa.

The first playable sub-faction is the Justicae, the former secret service of the Roseborne Empire. These inquisitors, monster hunters, and enforcers are feared and despised across most city-states due to their questionable decisions in the past. On the battlefield, they are cunning, equipped with numerous firearms, traps, and technological devices. They prefer to spare their own forces, often unleashing the captured and controlled Fallen upon their enemies.

Scarlet Legacy

The Scarlet Legacy is a clandestine society comprising secret organizations dedicated to saving the world of Réa from imminent destruction, at any cost. They believe that to achieve this, they must eradicate the Arkhons, who flaunt divine roles and are the root of all evil.

The appearance, atmosphere, and culture of the Scarlet Legacy are deeply rooted in vampire lore, visual aesthetics, and related blood cults. In creating this faction, we aimed to evoke an ambiance that resonates with every edgelord’s heart, drawing them to this faction. Consequently, their key characteristics emphasize physical perfection, superhuman abilities, immortality, and otherworldly pacts, which we hope will ignite not only our passion but also yours.

The first playable sub-faction of the Scarlet Legacy is the Bastion, a specialized unit of blood knights. Their founder, Scarlet, created them with the intent of building an army capable of killing gods for the final battle. Thus, the blood knights of the Bastion have forsaken their humanity, drinking the blood of a captured Arkhon. Over the years, this has made them increasingly powerful but also less human, less predictable, and harder to control…

The Heavenly Sect

The most powerful empire of the East, the Heavenly Sect, is under the rule of the Golden Dragon, who divided it into five great Martial Temples, each receiving a portion of his knowledge. In exchange for entertaining and protecting him, he taught them how to absorb the souls of their defeated enemies, gaining a part of the fallen warriors’ knowledge and extending their own lifespans.

We built the Golden Dragon empire on the revered and beloved foundations of Eastern cultures, representing the ascension culture of Chinese mythology and the strict etiquette and martial knowledge of Japanese traditions. As passionate fans of these themes, we approached them with the utmost respect while crafting something new. The warriors of the Heavenly Sect are dedicated to ascension and continuous improvement throughout their lives, making this faction home to the most extreme abilities and talents.

The first playable sub-faction, the Sect of Ancients, focuses on the souls of ancient martial artists trapped in Réa. With their secret knowledge, they can embody their ancestors, utilizing their abilities and achieving a form of partial ascension, significantly enhancing their own power. Yan Minggui and his warriors excel in temporarily strengthening, using, and protecting their units, making their already formidable cards even more extreme.


The appearance of Corruption has distorted and doomed the world of Réa to continuous decay. However, what few know is that the Creator made the planet Réa itself an Arkhon from the beginning. Réa was not willing to watch her own decay and the destruction of her children passively. Thus, she used and controlled nature to gather as much Pure Arkhé from the Arkhtides as possible to halt the process of destruction.

With the Wilderness faction, we aimed to cater to players who prefer the world of animals and monsters over deceitful and vile humans. Réa’s children have no ulterior motives; they work purely to save the world. Thanks to their mother, their arsenal includes amplified, battle-ready versions of the natural world, each personally modified by Réa for you, the player.

The first sub-faction, the Shadow Host, focuses on swiftly and powerfully eliminating enemies. Their abilities peak in stealth, evasion, agility, and lethal attacks, allowing them to instill constant fear across all the Realms in the game.

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