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The creation of Emery Kreuz

Discover how we created Emery Kreuz, the fearless Seeker and leader of the Justicae in the Roseborne Empire.

Emery Kreuz

As the leader of the Justicae, Emery Kreuz is arguably one of the most significant figures in the Roseborne Empire. While not one for public speeches or grand events, her combat and tactical prowess are indispensable on the battlefield. Our goal was to design her in such a way that when you place her on the board, she is the hunter, and your opponent feels like the prey.

Initially, Emery and the Roseborne Empire were simply referred to as the “blue faction.” In the original concept, they were the good guys. However, as the lore developed, we knew we had to deviate from this idea. No one is truly good, except from their own perspective. This led to the first concept of Emery: a hunter who leads other hunters, using captured evil to fight enemies and maintain peace.

We knew we needed a counterpoint to Korovin. Someone agile, a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, who, with proper tactical preparation, becomes a formidable opponent. We wanted her to be versatile on her own—able to hit hard and shoot—but her true strength would emerge when she and her loyal justicars exerted their combined power in one area.

Visual Design

The design process for Emery and the justicars was extensive. It evolved from simple warriors and knights, through themes of the Spanish Inquisition, conquistadors, and World War uniforms, until we finally settled on a visual style inspired by Bloodborne and Dishonored. Emery had even more preliminary sketches than Korovin before we landed on Dat Phan’s creation, which truly captured our hearts.

The design encapsulates everything we want to convey about the High Justicar. As a Seeker, the overflowing Pure Arkhé within her subtly leaks through her right eye, showcasing her potent magical talent. Her most significant feature, which we wanted to emphasize, is her right arm. She lost it to the Corruption, and it was replaced by a badass Arkhé-infused mechanical arm, also envisioned by Dat.

Perhaps the hardest part of her design was her pose. We went through different iterations until we settled on the final one. It was crucial for us to depict her nature of being always in motion, vigilant, and capable of defending innocents. At the same time, we wanted to show that she is terrifying to her enemies, with her determination, prosthetic arm blade, and gun.

Ultimately, we believe that when you place her on the battlefield as your main card, your opponent will feel the pressure. “Just don’t let her build up, or else I will lose.”

Hunt Down Your Foes with Emery and Her Fearless Justicars

If leading a tactically proficient hunter team appeals to you, Emery and the Justicae are the perfect choice. The feared justicars and their leader can turn the tide of any losing battle in moments, destroying even the most prepared enemies with surprise tactics. The equipment and captured fallen supporting them perfectly complement any strategy you bring to the field.

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